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When will Sheyenne Street get reconstructed? Currently, the project is divided into three segments, all with different anticipated construction schedules. Segment 1 includes Sheyenne Street between 13th Avenue West and 19th Avenue West and is scheduled for construction in 2018. Segment 2 includes Sheyenne Street between 32nd Avenue West and 19th Avenue West as well as the I-94/Sheyenne Street interchange. Segment 2 is scheduled to be constructed in 2018 and 2019. Segment 3 includes Sheyenne Street from 32nd Avenue West to 40th Avenue East and may begin constructed in 2019, prior to the completion of Segment 2. What will the project cost? Currently, the estimated cost of the entire project is $55 million. That cost may change as the design is refined and the preferred interchange configuration is selected. The interchange will be 100% funded by the North Dakota Department of Transportation (NDDOT). The NDDOT will also be contributing approximately $10 million for the construction of Segments 2 (not including the interchange) and 3., the City of West Fargo will be responsible for the remaining costs. Segment 1 will be fully funded by the City of West Fargo. Will this project increase my special assessments? This project will increase special assessment for those residents within the Special Assessment Districts for the proposed projects. At the current estimates, the typical residential lot (one acre or less) will be assessed $2,500-$4,500. Multi-family and commercial lots are currently estimated to have an assessment of $10,000-$20,000 per acre. The City of West Fargo is intending to fund a portion of the local share with sales tax dollars. The amount of tax dollars has not been determined at this point in time. Will Sheyenne Street be accessible during construction? A final decision has not been made at this time if portions Sheyenne Street will be closed during construction. The design team is taking construction phasing into account while developing the proposed roadway alignment. If it is deemed necessary to close Sheyenne Street during construction, access to all properties will remain throughout construction.

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